Scary Evil Facebook

Facebook is evil!

I thought it was bad enough that every now and then the settings change and you realise everyone can see your photo albums, and friends of friends can see stuff that you tag friends into (the rest of the album i mean)

Now it is evil because i am hideously addicted to playing farmville and end up tending to my crops when i should be busy doing other things.

But no……it is even more evil than that. Recently it has been “suggesting” friends to me…..that i know full well are bloggers. There is no mention of my blog on facebook. These people don’t have my email address (the one i use on facebook) So what i want to know is what the hell facebook is tapping in to on my computer to come up with these friends suggestions. It is kinda creepy, and if my farm were not doing so well, and it wasn’t so darn fun rearing make believe animals/crops/trees then i would consider deleting my account. Anyone have any idea how it accesses this info??


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I have watched this vid about ten times, and i still love it!!! 🙂

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Ebay Disaster

So a few weeks back whilst i was moving out of my flat, i misplaced my phone for a few hours. Being busy, i didn’t bother looking for it. When i did happen upon it, it was lying on the sink absolutely soaked…and not really working very well. I should have shoved it on a radiator, or on the balcony or under a hair dryer, but i considered it dead and got on with things. I gave it in to a mobile repair man, and set about finding a new phone….except sony ericssons aren’t made like they used to, and i wanted an OLD one. So i set about getting an ebay password and signing up to paypal, and i went mad and bought two used phones, for about 40 and 50 pounds each…way more than they were worth but got carried away bidding. So i finally got them in the post, from two different people, and one doesn’t turn on at all (i figured out they had shoved the wrong battery in) and the other one turns out but the buttons do the opposite of what you want them to do. One guy has promised a full refund, and the bitch girl has not got back to me. This is the same bitch girl that sent me pissy emails saying i hadn’t paid her….and advising me to “next time you put money into my account…make sure it ACTUALLY goes into my account” and i spent valuable work time on the phone to paypal at work trying to sort it out when actually it was clearly evident the money was in her account. GRRRR! So filing a paypal dispute now, let’s see what happens! Never buying from ebay again, that is for sure. GRRRR!

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Atif Concert

Needless to say, the Atif Concert was amazing! We sat 4 rows from the front and basked in his gorgeous voice. 




For anyone that has not yet heard his coke studio version of “Jal Pari”  which is a combination of his song “jal pari” and bits of songs by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, please check it out. Bear with the extended intro, it gets better over halfway into the song, when the nusrat bits kick in. 

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I don’t get it

So we had a paediatric trauma call at work today. A 7 year old child who got hit by a car at 30mph and got pretty crushed. All he could do whilst collared and boarded was call for his mum. We got mum into the resus bay, who didn’t touch her child, or tell him everything would be okay. Fine. I will call this “shock” This bit i can sort of understand (not at all).

When we asked mum what happened, her story went sort of like this “Well, i think he is OLD enough, to go out by himself, because after all, he is 7 years old, so anyway, he went out to meet his friend, and next thing i heard was a big bump and lots of screaming”


Fast forward to half an hour later when the nurse was trying to give him some analgesia. Seeing a clear coloured liquid, i assumed she was giving Ibuprofen, hence couldn’t understand why the child was making horrible faces (as ibuprofen doesn’t taste that bad), but it turns out his mum refused to let him have medications with additives in it, so that was ibuprofen in its fully yukky glory, minus the sugar and stuff to make it bearable. 

So in all this mess and chaos of this poor child being brought in having been run over, not only did his mother not console him, she found time to actually inform the nurses “Nah uh, no additives for my boy….let’s please make this whole experience as unbearable as possible for him” It made me so mad. So basically it is NOT ok for your child to have a bit of sugar when he is in excruciating pain, but of course it is ok for him to go out unsupervised and nearly get killed. 

I don’t get it.

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I got a feeling….

Been buzzing since hearing “I got a feeling” by the Black Eyed Peas. You know when you get  a song stuck in your head, and then your life becomes the video to the soundtrack going on in your head.  Yup, sick kids coughing in my face, and all i can do is refrain from jiggying around to this song in my head! Swine Flu be damned

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Day 10/63 of being jobless

I am getting bored out of my brains already! I woke up early today, went shopping (grocery, not general) came home, made an aubergine pasta bake, baked brownies, read a book, and i still don’t feel tired!! I barely feel hungry most of the time…..not burning enough energy just sitting around like this!

Got work tomorrow though, helping out cos someone called in sick, so 12.5 hours of paediatric shift again at my old hospital,which  i miss to pieces!!

Best get to bed

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